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The Spike Times

Happy 31st Anniversary  Mr. & Mrs. Smith!

    Volume VII             Issue I                   Circulation 41+                              April 1999

Red, White & Tuna!

- Spike

On Sunday, March 21 many of us got together for dinner and "Red, White & Tuna" the third installment in the "Tuna" series. For newcomers to "Tuna" here is a brief summary.

Nearly twenty years ago two brilliant actors (Joe Sears & Jaston Williams) came up with a small satire based in the third smallest town in Texas, Tuna. With a little work it became a comedy play (Greater Tuna) poking fun at the 'moral majority'.

Sears & Williams play over twenty characters between themselves, and there are no other actors. The stage set is stark, a table, a couple chairs and very few props here and there.

By 1985 Greater Tuna was the most produced play in the United States, with schools, local theaters and others performing this comedy.

Around 1989 "A Tuna Christmas" entered the scene, the second installment. It took Broadway by storm and there was an Emmy nomination. This has been my favorite until now. I have seen Greater Tuna a couple times and A Tuna Christmas three times.

Late last year the third and rumored final Tuna sequel opened in Texas.

"Red, White & Tuna" has all of our favorite characters back and the story is based on a high school reunion around the 4th of July and who will be the reunion's homecoming queen.

RW&T is quicker with the laughs, it is fast paced and "up to date" as far as the jokes go. If you have not seen a "Tuna" show do so! For more information, check out the Tuna web site at: www.greatertuna.com

Our Tuna Day…

We had a nice dinner at Kuleto's in SF prior to the show. The attendee's this year were: Kevin & Marti, Steve & Donna, Steve's parents, Dave & Jean (Kevin's parents names!), John & Claudia, Cynthia & Ralph, and myself. Yvonne had to work but was able to make it to the play.

Big Wave Dave and the Furtado's were unable to make it this year.

I am still trying to decide if the Christmas show or if this one is my favorite. I love them all!

Plenty more in this issue, keep going.....