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The Spike Times

A New Path

        Volume VI       Issue II                    Circulation  41+                              August 1998

Earth Shattering News!
- Spike

This newsletter has been around in one form or another since 1988 or 1989, and in this time I have written about all sorts of things, some of them deeply personal, some "preachy", some funny.  I have written about the loss of my mother, and about many of your lives.  The one subject I have always stayed clear of was my love life.

I have mentioned people I have dated, etc, but was vague in the details.  I am not sure why this was, perhaps I was afraid to have something like that "written in stone".

Well folks, all that has changed.  I am going where I have never gone before in this publication.

Spike is in Love!

The Background:

Back in August I met Yvonne while I was working at the nightclub.  I talked to her briefly and latter we danced to a slow number.  Yvonne came into the club a few more times that month and one night she told me she was going back to college and that she would not be coming in any more.

In November she and her friend Sheryl came to the door, which we had just locked (a slow night) and I talked to them through the glass.  I remembered Yvonneís name and she blew me away and remembered mine! (Knowing her now and how bad she is with names I am really blown away)  She was on a break from school and came to dance, but we had just changed formats and owners, and we had closed early.

It wasnít until January that I saw her again.  Sheryl and her came into the club on another slow (but open) night and they hung out and talked with me and the other bartender while drinking their Snapples.

In the next month I became really good friends with Sheryl, but I would only  see Yvonne on the weekends she came down from college.  After the club closed the three of us would often go out to breakfast and hang out.

In April I made my first phone call to Yvonne up in Davis, they became more frequent, but for the longest time our conversations were strictly on a friendship level.  In May things began to change and we both realized that there "was something happening" between us.

The Present:

Yvonne graduated from college this past June, and took a little time off to have fun, which with me leaving eti (see next article) had allowed us to spend a lot of time together.  We went down to Magic Mountain for a couple of days then to visit my sister Jeanna in Victorville.
With my school and work schedule mixed with her new job our time together is now more limited, but we see each other as often as possible.  I have even began cooking (yes folks, you read it right, cooking!) and bringing lunch to her at work.

Many of my friends have inquired in the past as to why nothing ever seemed to work out with me and some of the girls I had dated  in the past.  The answer was always that I did not have that "pitter-patter" feeling with them.  There was no "attraction" I felt.

Well that is not the case with Yvonne.  My heart goes "pitter-patter" whenever I see or think of her.  She is a great person, she is very giving and extremely caring and I have fallen in love with her.

Often times someone will date someone knowing that this is not the person he or she wants to spend their life with, but that for the current time this is a good thing.  I donít feel that way at all.  I never tire of being with her, I never want a "break" from her.  Each time we say good-bye to each other I am anxious until the next time I get to be with her.

Some of you have met her and I hope that all you get the chance soon to meet the first person that has ever made me feel so great!



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