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Note, this issue has never been on the web until now, it is from back in the day when I printed and mailed all of the issues.  I did not have time to convert it to look all pretty.


The Joey Times


In Loving Memory of Karen Austin


Volume III     Issue IV                                                    August  1995


In Loving Memory of My Mom. - Joey Marriott


            Most of you know that my mom had went through a major brain operation to remove an aneurysm nearly a year ago. She had been recovering remarkably well, she had a couple blood clots in her arm and leg that the doctors were trying to rid through medication, but was doing pretty well  otherwise.

            On Friday night, August 4, the day I got back from Shasta, she passed away. I had gone to the Alan Jackson concert with Jeff, and when I returned, I found out about her death a couple hours earlier.

            My mom was a very proud women, she loved her children and grandchildren with all her heart. They along with her husband, Jerry and her other family members, were her whole world. She cared about nothing else, other then “Days of Our Lives”, her cat and bird.

            My mom has had a hard life, she was a divorced mother of four, who worked two jobs to raise us, she was too proud for welfare. I remember those days, though I was only around five years old. She made it through that period, and then through a fairly loveless marriage to my step dad, Augie.

            It was ten years ago when she met the man that she loved until her death, Jerry. My mom was so full of excitement when she met him. He made her feel loved and wanted. They were together for seven years until they were officially married three years ago.

In the time since her operation, she had become more of the women she once was. She had quit drinking for the most part, her mind was there, she was very focused, unlike the years just prior. It is believed the aneurysm caused her some problems, both mentally and physically.

            She had never been happier, she and Jerry had moved just a few blocks from our house, and her grandson Derek was able to ride his bike over there, and her other grandchildren, Jason, Matthew and Michelle were able to spend more time with her.

            Jackie was over there almost daily helping out and just visiting. Jackie had become her helper, her secretary and her chauffeur, along with being her oldest daughter.

            I have said it many times, my mother was so full of love. We all loved her, we respected her greatly, and we will all now miss her so.

            My mom was a bit different also, she was eccentric in a way. She would call my answering machine, such as she did when I was in Shasta, to tell me how much she loved me, how proud of me she was and that she didn’t want me to come home to an empty answering machine.

            I came home to find that final message from her, as she died later that night. I have that tape to remind me. I have all of the fond memories of her. I know she will always be there for me, not in person, but in spirit.

            My mom and I had a routine, whenever I was going out of town, I would have to tell her when I was leaving and when I was returning, so that she could do her motherly duty and ‘worry’ about me. I was home from being in Shasta for a week only a few hours, yet her duties were done, she could stop worrying about me, and she could now leave us, to be with God.

            My mom taught me to be honest, to have good morals, and to be a kind, loving person. She was always there for us. She was a great mom.

            My moms leaving us took us by surprise, we weren’t able to say our good byes, we weren’t able to tell her how much we loved her, but she knew. We were never afraid to say it, and we said it almost every time we talked to her.

            I feel saddest for my nephews and nieces, as they are young, and will miss so much without their grandma. I lost my special grandma when I was young, and it was the saddest thing that had ever happened to me.

            My mom truly believed in the after life, and I know that she died very happy, and now she will be with her father, who died in the sixties, and with her son John Matthew who died at birth before I was born.

            Mom, I love you, your whole family loves you. May you be with God, and may you always be there watching over us, being our mom, our grandma, our Angel.














The following is a poem that my mom wrote to me just a few weeks ago, she had said she wanted me to print it here, but until now, I really didn’t plan on it.


My son Joe,

I love you so.

Sweet little baby

I held in my hands.

I was richer

then a queen of all lands.

My hopes, my dreams

came true in your

Little boy schemes.

First day of school,

you cried, so did I.

I didn’t want you to leave me,

to make your own world.

One day long ago you

said you were too big to

kiss me good-bye.

My heart almost stopped,

there were tears in my eyes

Yet another day you

stopped and gave me a kiss

Now you were really grown up,

you could love your mother

without fear.

My Joey was a big boy,

soon much taller than me.

But he was a loving and gentle boy,

he would always say “Mom, I love you”

Raised by his sisters and myself,

Joey always knew how to be

gentle and soft.

But my Joey is all man, able to handle all that may come his way.

My son is full of honor and pride.

I would keep him to myself,

if only I could.

But now my Baby Boy is a grown man

able to care for his own, but in my heart,

he is still and always be, My Baby Joey


-Karen Austin





A Tribute To My Mom.

Joey Marriott


            This issue of “The Spike Times” was going to contain mostly articles from the Shasta Houseboat trip that I had just gone on. My Mom loved to read this newsletter, she was so proud of me for doing this, and she looked forward to each issue.

            As some of you know, I “have” several names, my legal name being James, my nick name is Spike, but to my mom and to my family I have always been Joey.

            My mom always wondered why I used the other names when she had picked out such a beautiful name in Joey. It is for this reason that I have named this issue “The Joey Times”.

            I also gave it much thought, and realized that my mom would want me to put out this issue, and to have it contain the articles I had already written for it, and were planning to write.


            This issue is dedicated to you mom.

Love, Joey




Thank You! - Spike


            In the last issue or two I pointed out how lucky I am to have the friends that I do. In the days following the death of my mother, I became convinced, that no person could be more fortunate than I am.

            I want to thank you all for your concerns, your help and your support. A special thanks to The Davis’, The Cannata’s, The Press’, The Reynolds’ and Ronda for bringing over meals. It meant a lot not only to me, but to my whole family, who thanks you as well.

            Thanks to Rick & Eileen, Ronda and Mickey for being able to come to the funeral. I know that funerals are harder for some to attend, but you all made it, thank you.

            A really special thanks to Mickey, you gave me the shoulder I needed, when I needed it most.

            Thank you all, you made these past days brighter, and  I love you for it.





When I from this life depart

I wish not to leave one aching heart

I would like to be remembered with much love

And thoughts that my soul will rest above

I know Jesus holds the key

To this earthly journey for you and me

We must always keep our faith

And he will surely keep us safe

Some days seem so hard to bear

When no one listens, or seems to care

But there will be another day

Not one of us was put here to stay

Lord, I do try to be good and I know

That’s not enough

Your life on earth was awfully rough

But since your blood was shed for me

I believe that you will set me free

And Lord, when my journey here is through

Take me to heaven to be with you