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The Spike Times
Mom, you are in my thoughts each day, never forgotten and truly missed.

Volume V                    Issue I                           May 1998

To Mom’s Everywhere, We Salute You! – J. Marriott

Time Magazine is trying to figure out who should be on its cover as "Person of the Century" as we are close to entering the next one. Several talk radio shows have been filled with ‘call in your nominations’ hours. It is going to be a hard choice for them.

For me the choice would be easy, in this past century who has had the most impact on me? Whose work and efforts have affected me the greatest and help shape my life?

The more I thought of it though I decided that my choice was the right one, but that I could not limit this to a "My" thing, but to a more global thing. This is after all, the most coveted award that is greater than just "me." So with most, if not all of us in mind we came up with the perfect recipient.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Spike Times is proud to announce the winner of the "Person of the 20th Century Award" is none other than all of the Mothers in this world, both past and present.

Without mothers where would we be? Dads are great (well ok, most are), but it is our mothers that are the most indispensable. A mother and child bond likes no two other people in the world. It is unique and something as a ‘hope to be someday dad’ I will be slightly jealous of, but there is no denying it.

Mothers Day is just around the corner, please show your appreciation to your mother. If at all possible find a way to spend time with her. Let her know how important she is to you.

I know some of you are not extremely close with your mother at this time, take it from someone who lost his mother way too early in life, work out your indifferences now, not latter. Latter may be too late.

There is no replacement for your Mom, but some of us have "moms" that are not blood related, but maybe they are mother-in-laws, step-mom’s or perhaps one of your friends moms. I am fortunate to have a great step-mother, and several other "moms" that mean a lot to me such as Mardell Bristol and Mickey’s mom Barbara, both of whom have known me for a great many years and have allowed me to part of their families.

Let us not forget these "moms" either, your mom will not feel slighted. After all, all mothers are moms and moms have enough love for the whole world, not just their own born.

From all of us here at The Spike Times we wish all moms well, and have a:


Happy Mothers Day




Not so young anymore! Spike hits the Big 30!

Thirty, wow that is getting old! I can hear some of you laughing at that while others are cringing. I don’t feel 30. I even got carded the other day. But darn it, according to my birth certificate I am 30.

Back when I was 20 or so I did an "inventory" of my life and made some "plans, projections and hopes" for the future. Well needless to say I am a bit behind schedule on some of them. When I look back, the past ten years have flown by in a lot of ways. It seems just like the other day that I was underage and in the heyday of "The Annual Leave the Women and Wives Behind" trips to Las Vegas.

It was in my 29th year that my life saw quite a few changes. I started working at the nightclub, which got me out of the house and into the ‘social scene.’ It was here that I have met some great people.

Some you have been able to meet one of them and have inquired about her and my relationship.

Long time readers know that I hold nothing back in this newsletter, and in that tradition but with respect to Traci I will only say this.

Traci is very special person to me and that she is a wonderful woman who is not only physically beautiful beyond belief, but is as beautiful inside as well.

Traci is about to become a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) amd her schooling along with her work schedule mixed with my two jobs does not allow for us to spend a lot of time together. I do treasure the time we do have together and I hope that she is part of my life forever, and that all of you get to meet her.

Among other newcomers in my life Sheryl and Yvonne are in the forefront. I met both of these women at the club and have built a great friendship with them. Both are in their early 20’s and are like a breath of "fresh air" in this old mans life! I thought the night job was hard to

keep up with sometimes…. These two have so much energy…. I need another nap. So ok, sometimes I do feel 30, but I just don’t think that I am!

I am sure that many of you will meet these two, especially as the jet ski season gets under way. Just take your Geritol before hand…

Well, I better move on… you know how the elderly start to ramble on…..



A Day & Night of Wine   James Marriott

A couple months ago I won some tickets to a country show up at Knochti Harbor at Clear Lake. Traci accepted the invite and we decided to take advantage of opportunity to go wine tasting, a favorite hobby of hers.

Most of you know me as a beer or mixed drink kind of guy. I think I had the total of two bottles of wine in my lifetime. I have to admit though that I had a great time. Traci was very patient in teaching me the ways of wine tasting (quit gulping!) and just the shear beauty of the area and the wineries made this a great adventure.

If I ever find the time to organize another outing perhaps I will put together a Limo & Wine tasting tour for the group.

If you have never gone wine tasting you should give it a try. There is a lot more to do then just drink wine, and like I mentioned the region is just so beautiful and for those inclined, romantic!


The "New" John. -Spike

I was shaken up as I mentioned in my last issue about Rick Reynolds and him having had a heart attack. No sooner did I get that issue out I found out that Mr. There’s No Way He’s Fifty+ John Cannata was in need of triple by-pass surgery.

I have always looked at John as a man fit and healthy, much more so than of men much younger then he. He has always been very active in athletic activities, and could out water-ski most twenty-year-olds.

Wham! I heard the news and gave him a call. His arteries were in bad shape, the doctors say from bad eating habits (too much fat) and that he was in great need of this surgery.

The surgery ended up being a quadruple by-pass, but it went well and after many weeks off work and recuperating he has returned to work and the doctors say he’ll be water skiing by the summer!

I talked to Claudia a short time ago and she said John is doing great, a few aches and pains and such here and there.

Claudia and John have completely changed their diets with the old "If it fly’s or swims" then it’s ok theory. The ways of the past are gone, and today John is living life in a "new" way.

Best wishes John on a speedy and full recovery!



Tidbits….. –Spike

Word had it Miss Courtney may be Europe bound for the summer if all goes well….. I’ll miss her out on the lakes….

Hal & Jackie have moved again, this time to Dana Farms, this was done in part so that Derek and Jason can be remain at their old school and they will be closer to their grandparents. They also got a new (to them) Jeep. Look out Tahoe!

Silly Jillie came through on my birthday and got me my supply of BVD’s and socks… keeping alive the tradition and memory of our mother… Thanks a million…

Kevin… all I can say is… "It’s about time!"…. bought a riding lawn mower… his lawn (ok, sometimes green, often not, weeds!) took all day, no joke, to mow with a regular lawn mower… Now he has Leisure Suit Larry (a.k.a., Lee) begging him to let him mow it. Lee loves the thing so much he gives a nice wash job after each use.

Jeff, Sheryl, Yvonne, Traci and I along with some other friends went to the big George Strait Country Music Festival at the (outdoor) Oakland Coliseum on April 26. We were blessed with a beautiful and very warm day. The show was great!

Jeanna and Mike just went on a cruise that her company rewarded her office with…. Haven’t had a chance to talk with her yet in detail, but she said she had a great time.


I may be making some big moves career wise, more in the next issue… which I hope is soon!

Take care, God bless you all and please… no more material on surgeries… be safe and well…