Nice Guys Do Win!          -James Marriott

A good friend of mine, Danny Worrell is one of those guys that the first thing you say about him is that "he is such a nice/great guy".  He is too.

He and I have talked over the past few years how us "nice" guys always get the shaft, yet we both believed that someday we would be rewarded. There has to be a few single women out there who can appreciate the "nice guys".

Well, for me it has been one hell of a fight, with plenty of obstacles and curve balls thrown my way, but I truly believe that I have won the battle, the war, the whole enchilada!

You see Yvonne and I about to celebrate two years together.  It has been about two and a half years that we have known each other, and each day to me is like the first.  I am still "excited" each time I see or talk to her and my heart goes "pitter-patter."

Many people say that all that stuff goes away, well it hasn't for me, nor do I want it to!  I do admit that I often try to come up with ways to keep it "fresh & fun", I do little things for her here and there, and finding these little things helps keep it all exciting.

So to all you "nice guys" out there, keep your faith and more importantly, you eyes open, as you never know where you will find love, but it is out there.  Don’t give up on it, or yourself!



Danny Worrell, Pat Lubking and Keefe O'toole




Spike Is On The Move



After three years at my current address in lovely Pleasanton I have moved to Dublin.

Arky (a.k.a. Steve Drake) has transferred back to the Pleasanton office of eti and we moved in together.

I found a nice new apartment that is pretty well “loaded” with features that will hold us over for a while.  Our plans are to look for a house to rent in six months to a year.



New Homeowners…

-James Marriott

Cynthia & Ralph who were married last year just bought their first house.  They have joined thousands of others who now enjoy the commute from Tracy in exchange for affordable housing.

Yvonne and I were over their house recently for dinner and I must say their house is so nice.  It is a very large four bedroom house and the first thing you see when you walk in is the 20 foot ceiling in the dining room / living room.  It is a beautiful place. 

Congratulations Cynthia & Ralph


Ralph, Cynthia, Spike, Arky & Yvonne