Roscoe The Wonder Cat


Roscoe is about 12 years old now, my friend Mickey got him when he was just a little kitten
and two years ago she had to give him up due to conflicts he had with her Daughter (or vise versa!)

I had always told Mickey I would take him in a heartbeat as he was the coolest cat in town,
and with a lot of reservation Mickey let me adopt him in March of 2000.

Roscoe, also known as Bosscoe is the wearer of the pants in our house, he gets what he wants
when he want it!  Doors are propped open for his delight, blinds adjusted so he gets the
right amount of sun and shade.  Food is served when he wants to eat and always before mine!


Here are some photo's of him:


I am trying to sleep, turn off the lights!


Yep, my tummy is big!



Kiss me Yvonne, I will turn into a Prince!


Hey Yvonne, I can stretch better then you!



So who has the bigger belly?



Let me sleep I said!